Medicinal Herbs of Gor

Agrimony: A type of salve which is an antibiotic.

Aging: stabilization serum is made available to A/all; provides protection against most diseases and ailments; slows the aging process

Anti Serum: : given to those bit by sleen to counteract sleen poisons.

Arro: Part Used : Aerial parts. Preparations & Doasage : Infusion: Pour a cup of boiling water onto 1-2 tsp of the dried herb and leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes. When feverish it should be drunk hourly. Tincture: take 2-4 ml fo the tinture 3 times Daily.

Bergament salve Used for itching and rashes.

Brak bush:  A shrub whose leaves have a purgative effect when chewed.

Breeding wine:  A sweet beverage which counteracts the effects of slave wine, making a slavegirl fertile; also called second wine.

Black pepper: It hurts but will stop bleeding.

Blue short grass:  Grows under the water of the falls. When dried and crushed, it has numbing qualities. The powder aids in comfort and pain.

Capture scent:  it will render a person unconscious when inhaled.

Cayenne Pepper: referred to as stinging spices...levels out blood pressure, when made as a tea helps to stop internal bleeding, when applied as a paste, stops external bleeding

Chamomilein:  a tea to aid with sleep....especially during pregnancy . as a tea, helps with insomnia, anxiety, menopausal depression, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, colic, aches and pains of flu, migraine, neuralgia, teething, vertigo, motion sickness, conjunctivitis, inflamed skin, urticaria etc.

Dried sunflower leaves:  Crushed and smoked in a pipe. Help with a cold, and clears the head.

Emetics:  Mix the powder with water, drink. -- ( See Laxatives. )

Echinacea:  one of the primary remedies for helping the body rid itself of microbial infections. It is often effective against both bacterial and viral attacks. Put 1-2 teaspoonfuls of the root in one cup of water and bring it slowly to boil. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Could be combined with myrrh.

 Frobicain:  is a sedative injection used during Voyages of Acquisition to render a captured barbarian unconscious. ~Assassin of Gor, p 126~


Garlic: one of the most effective anti-microbial plants available, acting on bacteria, viruses andalimentary parasites. The volatile oil is an effective agent and as it is largely excreted via the lungs, it is used in infections of this system such as chronic bronchitis, respiratory catarrh, recurrent colds and influenza. A clove should be eaten three times a day.

Gieron:  A drug, an allergen, which causes a yellowing of the whites of the eyes; in combination with Sajel, it reproduces the symptoms of the Bazi plague. Non-infectious.

Hemp: Works like dopamine to increase a blood pressure.

Honey:  Applied on a wound helps promote healing.

Hysteria:  inject frobicain to dull the emotions

Indigestion:  add peppermint to tea along with ginger

Infections:  White sage, Peppermint and Kurfat all pull out an infection.

 Kur fat:  is used to stop infections.

Lavenia:  Parts Used - Flowers Preparations & Doasage : Infusion: To take Internally, pour a cup of boiling water onto 1 tsp of the dried herb and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Then 1-3ml to be taken by mouth for pain. The Blossoms may also be boiled in water to alleviate headaches.

Laxatives:  (The use of medications to control the stomach and bowels of slaves) "Some girls I have been told sometimes try to swallow small coins but this is foolish. The coin can be produced swiftly enough in such cases by emetics and laxatives." --Dancer of Gor, pg 238.

Marigold:  a natural antibotic. It can be ground and used in healing salves, boiled to oils and used to irrigate high risk wounds to prevent infection, it can be ground and added to foods for the same effect.

Matchweed: An anitcoagulant.

Mud packs: Put around a sprain to help with pain and swelling.

Mul-Pellets: A pellet given to the Muls *slaves* which supplement their meal intake. "...the Mul-Pellets are undoubtedly some type of dietary supplement..."

 Peppermint:  is used to fight off infection and help with nausea.

Plantion Leaves: this is found growing wild. It draws out infection, halts bleeding, and eases burns.

Rashes: bergament salves stop the itching

Sajel: A drug which causes harmless pustules to erupt on the body; in combination with Gieron, it reproduces the symptoms of the Bazi plague. Non-infectious. (See Gieron for more description, quote)

Sip root: A bitter root whose extract is the active ingredient in slave wine. Red Savages make their slaves chew as a means of birth control.

Slave wine: A black, bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive; its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be counter-acted with a another, sweet-tasting beverage.

Sleeping powder: Amber fluid - add water and shake, turns a dark blue.

Stabilization Serums: A series of medical injections which, among other things, retards the aging process; an invention of the Priest-Kings, approved by them for use by humans; administered in 4 injections.

Tassa powder: A reddish powder, usually mixed with red wine, which renders the consumer unconscious.

Teslik: A plant whose extract is the active ingredient in breeding wine.

Thyme: Parts Used: Leaves and flowering tops.
Preparations & Doasage: Infusion: pour a cup of boiling water onto 2 tsps of the dried herb and let infuse for 10 minutes. Tinture: take 2-4ml of the tincture 3 times a day.

Tubers: Grow in the falls. When dried, crushed and mixed with water, they make a good pack and aids in stopping external bleeding.

Valerian:   Part Used : Phizome, Stolons and Roots. wide range of specific uses, but its main indications are: anxiety, nervous sleeplessness, and the bodily symptoms of tension such as muscle cramping or indigestion. It may be used safely in situations where tension and anxiety are causing problems. This may manifest in purely psychological and behavioral ways or also with body symptoms. Valerian will help in most cases.

 Doasage: ( Very strong pain killer) 1 tsp of the dried herb and 1/2 cup water infuse for 10 min. This one is most widely used. Tincture 1/2 to 1 tsp is given and indeed up to 2 tsps at one time. (Note) This is a very strong Pain killer use it with care.

 White Sage:  is used to help fight off infections.

Willow: Parts Used: Bark, leaves and buds Preparations & Doasage: chewing of the bark. Tea's brewed from the leaves or inner bark serve as a pain killer

Yellow powder: Concentrated brak brush. Used as a laxative, causes diarrhea.

Zingiber: Used for nausea.



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